Founded in 2002, the Linden Tree Institute is a haven for children from elementary to high school. The school offers a specialized curriculum that encourages independent work in a personalized learning environment that caters to the needs of each individual student.


Born of Mrs. Mari Caram Antonino’s mission to find the right school for her own children, Linden Tree was started with the goal of helping kids finish their education in spite of their learning difficulties. With the support of other parents with the same pursuits, Mrs. Antonino grew Linden Tree into the institution that it is today.


Linden Tree’s program has not only helped scores of children, but has produced successful, well-grounded, and independent graduates, who continually return the love they experienced from their alma mater. To this day, Linden Tree continues to open its doors to children seeking comfort and security.






With a small student-to-teacher ratio, each child gets a customized education that encourages independent learning, discipline and focus. Each student is encouraged to live to their full potential, by giving kids a sense of security and belonging.







The teachers are professionally trained. They are fully equipped to encourage, nurture and develop the kids' abilities as per assessment. Not only are they well-trained academically, they really act as second parents. Most children answered how the teachers are very approachable and helpful that's why they like it at Linden.




The thing that sets Linden Tree apart from other schools is the focus on each student's needs. The aim is for a child to be secure and confident, and with this, academic skills follow. Each child develops "his roots" enabling him to grow to his fullest potential. Every child that comes to Linden Tree gets a special personalized education.



The Linden Tree Institute follows the Kolbe Academy curriculum which encourages a wholesome, academically challenging educational environment. The teachers in Linden encourage independence by allowing kids to set and meet their own goals. Each student gets a personalized education and gets evaluated by their teachers. Evaluations in Linden are enhanced. They also follow a standardized testing procedure.



At Linden Tree Institute, we empower children to succeed in their academic life by providing close supervision, academic intervention, and personalized education based on a classical Ignatian curriculum.



Our Vision is to be a leader in personalized education, helping students succeed by fostering study skills, self-discipline, a love for learning, Catholic values, and spiritual growth.

The Linden Tree Institute (Alabang)


177 Buencamino Street,

Cupang, Muntinlupa Alabang

Metro Manila, Philippines







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